Hello, we are Converse Consulting

We specialize in performance flow management for big and small businesses. We are an international performance consultancy with over 15 years experience in helping companies, from top to bottom, flow in a more productive manner. We specialize in CEO and Boardroom level strategy articulation and implementation but we also have a lot of experience in flow assessment and performance orchestration.
As our name suggests, our approach is based on the various meanings of the word ‘Converse’.

talk conversation

First and foremost, we are communications specialists. We enter your company with a neutral perspective and an open mind and we initiate conversations designed to shed light on what is keeping your company from flowing in the most effective manner. Conversation is the key to improving any and every business. We also do a lot of work with CEO’s to help them implement their vision and communicate it through the company.

R conversion

We are a results-driven consultancy. Our goal is to help your company set and reach its own goals. Sometimes a company’s biggest problem is that its leadership and top management are not operating from the same compass readings. Other times, by setting new goals, (read: results) for a company and working in a converse, or reverse manner, we can restructure a company’s flow in a more organic, purpose-based manner. Every business is different, requires a proper analysis and it is crucial that all key players share exactly the same business goals.

all stars converse

We like that we share our name with a little known athletic shoe manufacturer. Why? Well, we think the best businesses are like sports teams, they function in a way that utilizes the key strengths of each player, and together they are more powerful and efficient than the sum of their individual strengths. Sometimes, business teamwork flows much better when individual strengths and weaknesses are openly discusses and analyzed, strengthening the bonds between teammates. We specialize in Company teamwork exercises and programs that build business allstars. We also like that Converse make great, simple shoes without all the hype and fluff of the big shoe manufacturers. They have always stayed true to themselves and their values. And we respect that.

180 degrees contrary

Our approach often involves practices that are contrary to those embraced by standard business consultancies. For instance, we are big fans of analyzing situations by turning then around 180 degrees, thereby gaining new perspectives. In our experience, most ‘problems’ with business efficiency are actually the symptoms of some larger fundamental business problem. We find it is often helpful to look at them from the opposite point of view in order to create new awareness and discuss solutions together from a more neutral point of view.

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